Permara LLC is an emerging technology company, headquartered in South Dakota, which is offering new ways to overcome and destroy bacteria, viruses, and fungi across a broad spectrum of problematic environments. (more)


AFX Performance Sport 5 Toe Sock with Antimicrobial Odor Control.

AFX Performance Sport Antimicrobial Toe Socks are perfect for sport or casual wear. They are ultra-thin and developed to fit between your toes and into your 5 toe or natural running shoes. Designed for athletes and others who suffer from chronic athletes foot, the powerful, renewable Permara anti-microbial eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and fungi that cause odor in the sock, which allows for extended wear. Designed to be worn as the base layer toe sock under your favorite traditional outer sock, or worn alone for those who prefer an ultra-sleek and lightweight design.